dislyte hacked apk-Dislyte

dislyte hacked apk-Dislyte

Version: 3.1.0

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Version 3.1.0

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dislyte hacked apk

About Dislyte:

Dislyte is a classic turn-based card game officially produced by Lilith Games. It has a very beautiful two-dimensional style of game graphics, bringing players a unique and wonderful world. Awaken your godhead here and open the exclusive bgm. Be invincible in the sound waves! Dislyte is an urban mythology-themed 3D card game with "coolness" as its core feature. Just imagine, when the mythical characters are combined with the modern city, what kind of sparks will emerge and what kind of stories will unfold? Focusing on the trendy artistic temperament, featuring rich musical elements, combined with the classical aesthetics of mythical characters, it creates a unique audio-visual experience for players. Interested friends can download PlayMods for free~

Dislyte game details:

cool battle scene

The explosive fighting sound effects burn players' passion in an all-round way.

Ultra clear game picture quality

All-round display of the charm of the mecha, the exquisite mecha model, like the feeling of real existence.

Multiple competitive modes

Bringing an extraordinary experience to every player, all mechs can freely choose to participate in the battle.

Dislyte Game Highlights:

1. Each move has different skill effects, the more skills you release during battle.

2. Brave and bloody challenge mode to defeat infinite enemies and protect the safety of human beings.

3. Personalized heroes bring different battles, and the unique character battles are more passionate.

4. Strengthen your combat power more freely, and your combat power will be stronger after the hero breaks through.

5. Participate in exciting RPG action games. In the future world, war is imminent.

Dislyte Game Background Story

More than a decade ago, a mysterious parchment was discovered. Dozens of researchers studied this, guided them to an island, and witnessed the arrival of the first ancient ruins. These ancient ruins that appear one after another are called "miracles". An endless stream of monsters emerged from the miracle, and danger came to mankind. At the same time, the miracles continued to release resonance, triggering the awakening of some people, enabling them to have the power of God.

They are called the Awakened. Humans gradually realized that the sudden advent of miracles was a trial for human beings. If it fails, human civilization will be destroyed. In the face of the most severe crisis in history, humanity has decided to fight. are you ready?

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Download Dislyte 3.1.0 MOD APK for Android, cc.com.lilithgames.xgame.gp

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dislyte hacked apk Dislyte

  • Version:3.1.0 _ Size:584.5MB
  • Category:Role Playing _ Publisher:LilithGames
  • Requirements:Android 5.0+ _ Publish Date:03/08/2022
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